Since its foundation, Lampuga have sought to bring new life to the conventual surfboard. While surfing is a popular and fun water sport, it is one that is difficult to master and that is not appropriate for everyone. At Lampuga we want to provide the surfing experience to all riders regardless of experience-level, age or physique. We have therefore made it our mission to push the boundaries of traditional water sports to make this a reality. By applying modern technology and innovative solutions, we have developed a range of high performance electrically driven surfboards that are suitable for all riders.

Our electric surfboard range consists of the inflatable Lampuga Air and the Lampuga Rescue board. The boards are designed and manufactured in our production facility based in Rastatt, Germany. Here the boards go from single parts to fully functional electric surfboards. The boards are then distributed to our network of dealers, which supply the boards to Lampuga riders. We are currently working on expanding our dealer network in Europe, while planning our expansion into other continents.

Following the growing interest in electric surfboards and the rapidly increasing demand of Lampuga boards, we continuously seek to grow our supply. We have therefore built a 1,560m², state-of-the-art production hall, which enables us to serial-produce our boards. With the increased output we seek to broaden our network and reach more costumers in all corners of the world. We are excited to enable surfing for everyone and to bring innovation to a beloved water sport. 


Our core-values


minimize the impact on the environment


plug and play


challenge the traditional through innovation


hightech made in Germany


power, speed and stability