What’s all the fuss about Jetboards?

February 2019

Blond man riding fast on a black Lampuga Air in Croatia

What is a jetboard?

A jetboard is a motorized surfboard, where the rider controls the speed using a hand-held remote control and uses weight transfer to manoeuvre the board. From the introduction of jetboards a new water sport has emerged known as jetboarding.

Why get a jetboard?

With an exceptional growth over the past years, jetboards have gained popularity and momentum worldwide, and is often referred to as “the next big thing in water sports”. By providing an enjoyable and exciting experience on water suitable for all riders, jetboarding is an innovative addition to traditional water sports. The motorized surfboards eliminate the struggles of conventional surfboarding as they can be ridden without wind and waves. There is also no need for tedious paddling as the boards can ride by the touch of a button. Compared to traditional surfing, jetboarding can quickly be learnt and allows the rider to master the sport in no time. This further makes jetboarding appropriate for a large audience of different physics, ages, experience levels and riding styles. In addition, jetboards have a large application potential as they can be used on lakes, rivers, channels, seas and oceans. They therefore make attractive rental choices for adventurous sun-seekers, are appealing accessories to yachts, sailboats and catamarans as well as a standalone product.   

Where to buy a jetboard?

With several players on the market and various jetboard options available, it can be difficult to choose your first jetboard, as well as knowing what to look for. What type of technology utilized in the board may be a good starting point for choosing your jetboard. Over the years, jetboards have evolved as some of the producers have taken advantage of advanced battery technology as opposed to the traditional combustion engine. Electric jetboards are a popular choice due to their environmental-friendliness, low-noise level and low operating costs.

The performance of the board is another important factor. Unless you are an experienced rider, it might be advantageous to choose a board that demonstrate good speed without compromising on stability. The board size in particular affect the stability of the jetboard, where larger boards in general offer more stability than smaller boards. In addition, for maximised fun on the water, you should consider boards that have good running capacity.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a jetboard is the ease-of-usage. For an overall enjoyable jetboard experience, the board should be user-friendlily. Ideally the board should quickly be water-ready and should easily be re-powered. It is also important to consider the transportation requirements of the various boards as some might not fit into your car. If you do not have a van or a trailer, a small or an inflatable jetboard might be good options.

Finally, consider how the board will be used. Some boards have a clear surface with a grip pad, like a traditional surfboard, while other boards have mounted bindings, like those on a snowboard. The traditional surfboard design allows the rider to sit, lie and stand freely on the board, while boards with mounted bindings ensures that the feet remain in one position at all times.   

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