Sustain Europe and Lampuga – For a Better Tomorrow

December 2020

The recent times have once again shown how important it is to be environmentally conscious. Covid-19 has forced us to rethink our relationship towards nature and towards sustainability. We at Lampuga are glad about this growing awareness and thankful that we can make our contribution through our emission-free jetboards. In this respect we are proud about our recent partnership with Sustain Europe the leading magazine focusing on Sustainability, Travel, E-Mobility, Carbon Management and Business.

Being featured in the most recent issue we are glad to share this excerpt about Lampuga.

Enjoy the read and pick up the full Sustain Europe issue here.

Watersports, on the face of it, seem the kind of healthy outdoor activities that should be as good for the planet as they are for us. But whenever they involve a combustion engine, they inevitably become just as damaging as any other activity involving a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. In fact, during their jet ski campaign, environmental group Blue Water Network (now merged with Friends of the Earth) said that running a two-stroke motor on a jet ski for one hour causes as much hydrocarbon pollution as a 5,000-mile car journey—and that as much as 25% of its fuel fails to combust, flushing out into the water and damaging marine biodiversity. But now there’s a new, fun but just as potentially environmentally damaging kid on the block: the jetboard.

Jetboarding: An Easier Way to Surf the Wave (And the Flat)

A jetboard is a motorised surfboard, so no wind or waves are required to participate meaning they can be used on lakes and rivers, as well as out at sea. The speed is usually controlled via a handheld remote control, but direction remains very much in the control of the rider, using the transfer of their body weight to steer the board.

This innovative board makes surfing more instant and accessible. There’s no need to paddle-you just start up your board and go-and control is easier, shortening the lengthy learning process and allowing you to quickly get to the fun stuff! So it’s little wonder that this watersport has quickly become popular, and that jetboards are increasingly a must-have yacht accessory.

The problem is that it’s also a watersport filled with boards powered by those pesky two-stroke engines that are damaging the environment. The solution, of course, to ensuring people can enjoy this great outdoor activity in a sustainable way is the usual solution to greening any motorised watersport: going electric! In the case of jetboarding, that means turning to electric jetboard experts Lampuga.

Our Mission

While it was always our mission to offer everyone a unique surfing experience regardless of experience-level we also want to highlight our second mission: sustainability. We’ve provided that inclusive surfing experience by using innovative technological solutions to produce high performance, electrically driven jetboards that are suitable for all riders—and won’t damage the planet.

There are an increasing number of lakes and rivers with restrictions, or even outright bans, on motorised watersports that use conventional combustion-engines, in an understandable bid to keep their spaces clean, quiet and emission-free. However, these places often welcome environmentally friendly vehicles and boards, giving owners of electric jetboards a greater choice of locations.

Our boards are quiet, so they won’t disturb fellow water-lovers, be they bird, beast or human—and because you can use them at very low speeds, you can drift along the waterways without startling any wildlife, either, so you can get really up close to nature.

And you can do that safe in the knowledge that your board won’t damage the natural environment, as they produce no emissions or pollutants to poison the air, water, shoreline or riverbank. Couple this with their ability to operate on the stillest of lakes and you have a watersport that’s just as suitable for wildlife lovers, curious explorers and ecotourists as it is for adrenaline junkies heading to the sea to search out the biggest waves.

In short, a Lampuga jetboard offers you all the tranquil possibilities of stand-up paddle boarding and the speed and excitement of a surfboard, all rolled into one.

Who could resist?

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