Thank you for purchasing a Lampuga product. On this page we try to give you access to all the information you need in order to use and maintain your Lampuga product. Always read the user manual before preparing the product for use. Please retain the user manual for future use of the jetboard. Please retain the original jetboard packaging for future transport.


This user manual forms the basis for everything you do with, on or to the jetboard. Take note of and follow all safety instructions. Keep this user manual with or near the jetboard and hand it over with the jetboard if it is passed onto others. This user manual applies to the LAMPUGA AIR jetboard and its design variants.



Supplement To The User Manual

Charger Operating Instructions

Repair Instructions



Technical Datasheets

We are very pleased to provide you with technical details concerning our electric surfboard Lampuga Air. Below you will be able to download important information and documents. Our list of technical datasheets will be constantly updated.

Lampuga Air
Battery Information



In case you are trying to transport your Lampuga Jetboard by various means, please provide your transporting agency with the necessary data. Here you will find documents concerning the security of different Lampuga Jetboard parts.

Battery Declaration of Conformity
Battery Safety
Repair-Adhesive Safety

How To Repair Videos