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While Lampuga is a young company it is one with rich history. Scroll back in time to learn how Lampuga has become what it is today. Explore the previous board models from when the Lampuga brand was owned by a different company, read about the establishment of the “new” Lampuga, see the reconstructed board models and learn more about the company’s path forward.

April 2022

First international Lampuga dealer event at the Karlsruhe headquarters

January 2021

Lampuga expands into new markets outside Europe

After a successful start on the European market, sales cooperations are establishing themselves in attractive and exotic export markets.

September 2020

Commissioning the end of line test facility

Before delivery to the customer, each Lampuga Air jetboard goes through a realistic End-of-Line test in a water tank

July 2020

Additional certification for the Lampuga lithium-ion battery

Product quality and safety are of the utmost importance to Lampuga. The certification according to the standards of the IECEE is internationally recognized.

May 2020

Start of delivery in the European market

The Lampuga Air is available in seven different colors.

January 2020

Lampuga enters the world of superyachts

Boot Düsseldorf 2020 – after several years in hall 5 Lampuga is showcasing in hall 6 for the first time

December 2019

The Lampuga Air - from prototype to finished product

Fundamental technology and design changes characterize the new Lampuga Air while keeping the initial element of the inflatable hull

March 2019

Lampuga Air wins Red Dot Award in three categories

The Lampuga Air wins the Red Dot Award in three categories, including the 'best of the best' category. In the world of product design, the Red Dot Award is considered one of the leading international design awards.

August 2018

Completion of the new Lampuga production hall

With a floor area of nearly 2000 m² this building now accommodates the serial production besides R&D and logistics

June 2017

Founding of Lampuga GmbH with new ownership structure

An asset-deal allowed the transfer of financial assets from Sashay GmbH towards the weisenburger group under the management of Nicolai Weisenburger